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bulthaup is not a kitchen.

bulthaup is a conviction, an attitude towards and for life. A film about the very core of bulthaup and about what holds it together.

b Solitaire glass – the place for your personal items. Link: b Solitaire: Shelves, tables, and benches for the most precious moments

bulthaup b Solitaire

Elements for the entire living space

b3 kitchen: elegant design, which fits seamlessly into the open-plan living space Link: b3 design principles and components

Freedom to design

bulthaup b3 is as individual as you are

b2 kitchen workshop comprising workbench, tool cabinet, and equipment cabinet. Link: Orderliness and manageability with the components of b2

Kitchen workshop

With bulthaup b2, three elements become one kitchen

Furniture to promote sharing stories and special moments. Link: Tables and benches for special moments.

Time around the table

bulthaup communication offers an invitation to enjoy
Elegant accessories such as salt and pepper shakers. Link: Quality kitchen tools with character

Practical companion

bulthaup accessories make a kitchen your kitchen

You have to experience our products for yourself to get a real sense of how special they are. We invite you to visit a bulthaup dealer near you.